The Northmoor once was home to the Highmoor Castle when it was part of the borderlands with the Tel-Quessir Empire. After the first war of the Highborne a new region to the north of Northmoor was added and the Northmoor lost its strategic value. The Northmoor had little to offer to the kingdom aside from sheep and wood and its coast with Lake Arnor was swampy and hard to traverse for Albian ships.

To the King Highmoor is a small region, not worth caring to much about and slowly the inhabitants of the Northmoor have started to become independent to the Kingdom, paying only lip service to its king and interacting only with the outside world through the occasional trader. The inhabitants owe fealty to the Count of Albian, but mostly rule themselves through village councils instead of the counts court.

Life in the Northmoor is hard but peaceful and, while its livestock and agriculture is not interesting to the king and his men, the inhabitants of the Northmoor make a decent living off sheep herding and fishing.

It’s spring in the Northmoor which means that the festival of First Seed is upon the Northmoor. Most of the inhabitants have left their farms and hamlets to come to the village of Holmstead, the largest village in the moor, to celebrate the First Seed. The lives of the Northmoorians seem so idyllic and peaceful, the war with the High Elves so far away, the troubles of the outside world nowhere near their taverns and fairs. They are safe from whatever threathens the world. Because no-one ever comes to the Northmoor.


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